About Kantify

What we do

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and companies have to adapt in order to stay competitive and survive. Today, Artificial Intelligence is starting to impact many sectors of the economy and change the way these sectors operate.

Kantify is a technology company founded in order to help companies to gain or maintain a competitive edge thanks to Artificial Intelligence. We enable our clients to automate activities that could not be automated before, to generate insights from large and complex business processes with a speed and accuracy that is magnitudes better than what humans could do, and much more.

Kantify is recognized for its work in predictive pricing, price forecasting, personalized marketing, and image recognition. We work for B2B and B2C companies in a variety of sectors.

Thanks to a cutting edge approach to technology, a business-driven mindset, and strong partnerships with leading academia, Kantify provides its clients with solid and impactful solutions.

Who we are

Beyond what we do, we share values that binds us and defines us as individuals.

1. Curiosity

We love to discover new areas and new opinions. New opinions make us smarter, and new challenges excite us.

2. Reliability

We are people of our word. We can count on each other and our clients can count on us.

3. Friendliness

Achieving complex projects does not prevent us to be friendly. We believe that work is nicer with friendly people (and friendly customers).

4. Diversity

We all come from diverse backgrounds. We value and respect diversity, and certainly don't discriminate others.

5. Complexity

We enjoy working on complex problems. Not that we are only looking for complex problems, but we welcome them when they find us. Intellectual challenges drive us.

6. Cooperation and collaboration

We love collaborative projects where we work hand in hand with team members and clients. We believe that AI is not only about technology but also about people.

7. Learning

AI is evolving at a really fast pace. In order to be always state of the art and provide our clients with the best technology to answer to specific needs, we continuously learn and exchange knowledge.

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