Articles > 3 principles for executives that want to embark in Artificial Intelligence

a year ago

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword. Beyond the hype, learn how to get started with Artificial Intelligence :

Start small

One of the reasons AI can seem scary is that it can feel like you have to completely reshuffle your business to introduce AI. In my experience, it is not the case. Companies we work with often start with a small-scale AI project, learn from it, thereby enabling their staff to learn from it.

Pick-up your champions

The earlier you start with AI, the earlier your staff and managers will become knowledgeable about it. We usually see in companies that the managers and technicians that are involved in the first AI projects end up being the ambassadors and key company resources for future AI and digital transformation projects.

Demystify by doing

Artificial Intelligence can seem scary because it is new (as we know it today) and companies just don't feel equipped to deal with AI projects. As a non-computer scientist, I can tell you that it is possible to understand what AI can do and how it works. Find the right partner to help you, and get started.

Enjoy the journey, and the results!