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Welcome back to your weekly dose of AI for Business news. This is already our 10th edition, which could be considered as a first milestone! We hope you continue to enjoy these reads and do not forget to give us feedback through social media.

This week you will read about:

  • Can you beat the AI?
  • Google Duplex advancements
  • Sonic plans to test AI-powered menu
  • A podcast about Embedding AI in Business
  • Physical stores get smart about AI


A study from EY of executives and business leaders revealed that most of them (85%) consider themselves to be AI optimists. They (87%) also invest in AI initiatives this year.


Let’s begin this 10th edition with a website that tests your skills in recognizing humans from AI generated faces. How many did you get right out of 5?

An AI machine being able to almost perfectly generate a face is amazing for movie and video game visual effects, but at the same time, it could be used to share fake news or propaganda. In order to combat the latter, 2 students from the University of Washington came up with their website to train us in being able to recognize AI generated faces. Some tips to recognize the “fake” faces: background problems, asymmetric eyeglasses and strange glow on hair.

Last year Google showcased Google Duplex, the personal assistant that sounded human-like and could make appointments for you. The release of technology happens in stages because building this kind of system requires large amounts of data. For this reason, Google revealed that 25 % of Google Duplex appointments are being made by actual humans in call centres. This to generate data that can help “train” future versions of the system.

Very impressive AI application where we could be looking forward too!

Next time you are in the US and visit a Sonic Drive-in, you might be ordered by an AI voice-assistant. A partnership between Mastercard and kiosk vendor Zivelo made this happen for an increase in the order service. They also worked on a personalized dynamic menu that allows guests to personalize every meal. For example, these dynamic menus enable it to tailor its layout and recommendation either to individual people or based on external factors such as weather, time of the day etc.


This article is a summary of a podcast between HBR and the CTIO of Accenture: Paul Daugherty. The latter wrote a book for companies that need help to innovate their business with AI applications. Very important questions come forward in this talk such as:

  • How should AI be perceived?
  • How critical is your in-house data for effective AI?
  • Self-regulation vs external regulation: the challenges of an ethical AI

If you are wondering if AI could be implemented in your business, feel free to contact us and we can share our experiences.

Similar to E-commerce, AI is changing the physical retail industry, helping stores personalize the customer experience and maximize marketing investments. This article identifies 3 ways Artificial Intelligence is changing the physical retail industry:

  • Identifying valuable customers
  • Seamless shopping via facial recognition
  • Managing Inventory

These factors were identified thanks to A/B testing, 7 retailers with the AI system and 7 with the traditional way of working.

That's it for our 10th edition! We hope you enjoyed the readings! If you missed some of our earlier must-read lists, head over to our Articles section to catch up!

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