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Better management of cash, payments and investments through AI

The job of Chief Financial Officers is, per se, closely linked to data and numbers. In the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has been reaching the world of finance. First of all, automated accounting, Robotic Process Automation, Spend Analytics, Budget forecasting... are AI applications that more and more CFOs are implementing to gain time and focus on delivering value to the company. But that's not all. CFOs are also closely involved in monitoring and implementing companies' budgets. In this quality, they can be led to decide on possible AI applications in other departments than the financial department.

Thanks to a team of AI, mathematics and statistics experts, Kantify has built significant expertise in:

  • Invoice parsing with AI: using AI to automatically read and encode your invoices, whatever their format or language
  • Spend analysis with AI: using AI to analyse and classify your spend, and identify optimizations
  • Price prediction and setting with AI: using AI to predict how procurement prices or market prices will evolve so you can adapt your procurement or sales strategy accordingly.

Regardless of how the CFO's journey in AI starts, understanding AI and its implications is key. This section of the Kantify website aims at informing CFOs on new trends of AI in finance.

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Our Experts

Nik Subramanian
CTO and founding partner at KantifyGet in Touch


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