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Better negatiotiations and deals through AI

The role of Procurement Managers and Chief Procurement Officers is crucial as they are at the very core of companies’ supply chain. Over the past years, Kantify has been working with procurement leaders on various use cases, helping them to identify or achieve new sources of profitability.

In the operational arena, the combined use of RPA (robotic process automation) and AI (artificial intelligence) has proven to be an important efficiency lever. That is because there is large potential for automation in highly integrated, complex and globe-spanning value chains.

Integrating the use of AI and RPA in procurement process can create value in many ways, namely at the level of:

  • Management processes, such as employee management;
  • Core processes, capturing technology and category strategy, source-to-contract, project procurement, purchase-to-pay and supplier management;
  • Support processes, such as supplier risk management, contract and catalogue management and performance management;

The combination of big data and artificial intelligence results in more disruptive effects on purchasing by bringing efficiency in the value chain, including supply chain and sourcing.

In this section, we are presenting some of our procurement use cases, and sharing news of AI in procurement.

Use Cases

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