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8 months ago

Kantify is looking for a talented Graphic Design Student to do a 3-6 month internship at Kantify and become part of a fast-growing and friendly startup building cutting edge technologies.

Why work at Kantify

At Kantify, we help some of the world's best companies to apply solid data science in their businesses, by building tailor-made and AI-powered software. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists, and all round friendly people. We received numerous awards and recognitions for our work, including by NVIDIA and Microsoft, and were featured in the Wall Street Journal for work we did regarding algorithmic pricing. We are incubated by StartIt@KBC and Euratechnologies. Our clients range from scale-ups to multinationals, and are present in various sectors: finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, industry, ... We are growing quickly and fully self-funded (that's a good thing in case you were wondering).

We are a diverse, partially distributed team. We have offices in Brussels, Belgium, but some of our team members are working from different countries. We work hard, but value the quality of life of everyone in the team: some of us are young parents, some of us combine additional degrees with our work, and all of us attempt to not have deadlines that ruin our weekends and holidays. We value results rather than spending late nights at the office. We don't hold meetings until there's a point to having one, we don't do unnecessary bureaucracy, and we try to generate as many learning experiences for everyone in the team as possible.

We work on a whole set of super interesting problems, ranging from computer vision, time series prediction, natural language processing, personalized recommendations, pricing and discounting, and much more. The challenge is that many of these issues are highly technical, and we believe that good design is a cornerstone of communicating what we do.

Kantify Offices Our offices in Brussels

What we are looking for

  • Ability to learn: Your ability to learn matters more than what you know right now. You have a clear history of taking on tasks and projects that were outside of your comfort zone. While this skill to learn might be made evident through your academic background, it doesn't need to be: we value people who are self-thought and have shown excellence in other ways than through academia as well.
  • Practicality: There are often many roads to the same destination. You excel (or at least attempt to excel) at finding the practical path: one where you manage to actually get things done, in a way that is reasonably sustainable.
  • Reliability: You are a person of your word. When you say you do things, you take on responsibility to achieve that goal - because really, would you want to work with a bunch of people you cannot rely on? We neither ;)
  • Friendliness and communication skills: You believe that a smile and a bit of feedback from time to time can truly prevent most of the world's daily problems. We are actively looking for people with a positive demeanor, and strive to create a friendly environment for everyone to work in - and you should play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

We do not discriminate based on gender, age, race, sexual preference, religion, or disability.

What you'll do

  • Branding: We believe great brands deserve a great design, and we'd like to have you contribute to building a strong brand. You help us further refine and formalize our brand.
  • Communication Design: Creating effective communication for complex ideas is challenging. You help us to build the tools to do this effectively, through slide show templates, infographics, charts, etc.
  • UX Design: We build a lot of tools for our clients, but ensuring that these tools have outstanding UX isn't always easy. You take on the lead to create wire frames and mock-ups of the tools we are about to build.

Our clients are located in the whole of Europe so your work might involve occasional travels.

The interview process

Our interview process is done in two parts:

  • Technical interview: you solve a simplified real-world design case. You get to use all the tools at your disposal. We are there to help you.
  • Get-to-know-you interview: an interview where we get to know who you are as a person (and you get to ask all the questions you have).

We usually give feedback quickly, if possible even at the end of each interview!


Send us your cv and tell us more about why you think you're a good fit at

Deadline for applications : 15th of April.