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3 months ago

At Kantify, we are proud to help some of the world's best companies to apply state of the art AI and data science in their businesses, by building tailor-made and AI-powered software. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists, and all round friendly people (including a cute robot named Robby). We received numerous awards and recognitions for our work, including by NVIDIA and Microsoft, and were featured in the Wall Street Journal g. We were incubated by StartIt@KBC and Euratechnologies. Our clients range from scale-ups to multinationals, and are present in various sectors: finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, industry, ... We are growing quickly and have a track record of solving really complex problems that other AI experts had failed to solve (sometimes for years).

We are a diverse, distributed team. Like some other software companies (think github or trello) we have embedded digital tools in our daily processes to enable us to collaborate and communicate in a seamless way. In case you are wondering, you get to interact daily with your manager and colleagues.

We work hard, but value the quality of life of everyone in the team: some of us are young parents, some of us combine additional degrees with our work, and all of us attempt to not have deadlines that ruin our weekends and holidays. We value results rather than spending late nights at the office. We don't hold meetings until there's a point to having one, we don't do unnecessary bureaucracy, and we try to generate as many learning experiences for everyone in the team as possible.

Do you feel like you could help us make a difference? If you are eager to learn, committed to excellence and looking to join a friendly team, send your c.v. at .