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Kantify is recruiting its next ML / Drug discovery intern

Kantify, an AI for biotechnology company that uses Artificial Intelligence to find novel drugs, is recruiting a machine learning intern. Our company has successfully reached a number of important milestones in our work to discover novel drugs using Artificial Intelligence, and the amount of important and interesting work we have keeps growing. We are looking for (brilliant) interns with the goal of recruiting them as full time team members at the end of their studies. Sounds like something that might interest you (or a friend)? Read on to learn more!

The problem we’re solving

Over 300 million people suffer from rare diseases, and about half of the population of Western countries suffer from chronic diseases. You likely have family members or friends who have suffered from a serious disease, or maybe you’re suffering (or have suffered) from a serious disease yourself. If so, you might have experienced the limitations of modern medicine - usually, we don’t cure, but treat, and more often than not, even treatment is missing. Drugs take decades to develop and are excessively expensive to develop, resulting in many diseases being overlooked.

Our mission

This problem - that human health is fragile, and that we don’t have the right tools to treat, and if possible cure the ones we love - is exactly what we’re trying to solve. To do so, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more specifically Machine Learning (ML). Our mission is simple: to use AI to improve human health. We use ML to understand the processes that drive diseases and to find drugs for these diseases. We have pioneered the use of new techniques and applications of ML for drug discovery, and in doing so, have created truly unique technologies and approaches in the field. As a result, we have managed to create a host of promising drug candidates for a variety of diseases, ranging from the field of oncology, neurological diseases, neuromuscular diseases, and more, which we developed in months, rather than years. We partner with world-leading labs around the world to test our drug candidates and ensure they’re both effective and safe.

The job

You’ll work collaboratively with experienced team members, but you will have autonomy and we’ll expect your contribution to be significant. More specifically, you will:

  • Use and improve drug discovery software: You will use the software we’ve developed, interacting with it mostly using notebooks (e.g. jupyter notebook). Where relevant, you will either improve existing algorithms or code, or develop new AI-models to solve new problems we’re facing. In this case, you will collect data, curate it, develop machine learning models, and train and validate these models.
  • Participate and help drug discovery projects: You will participate in and help organize meetings with researchers, study the diseases we are working on and their biological processes, find and analyze disease-relevant data from a variety of sources using modern data science approaches, etc.

Our values

We focus on 3 core values.

Firstly, we value collaboration over individual achievements. Our company has a deep culture of extensively collaborating with both academic partners and biotech companies, and of internal teamwork. We’ve found that in order for a project to succeed, multiple (talented) people need to work together. As such, working well with others is critical to our success. We look for people who are friendly, reliable, and empathetic.

Secondly, we value the ability to grow over current achievements. We are in a fast-moving space where discoveries are made on a daily basis, and understanding what is today’s “state of the art” is essential to be able to move beyond it. We think it’s crucial to have a mindset of growth and investment in your own capabilities, and as such have a long-term view: we care much more about changing the slope (the rate of growth) than the intercept (what is being achieved right now). Typically, this value attracts talented people who love to learn, are intellectually curious, not scared to take on large and difficult projects, and manage to solve complex problems using elegant, simple solutions.

Finally, we value diversity of thought, origins, gender, interests and experiences over a mono-culture. We’ve seen over and over again how personal interests have been at the source of projects and innovations in our company. To maintain this diversity, we also care about attracting team members who are respectful towards others. We make a lot of efforts to create environments where one can easily disagree, but where disagreement is done respectfully.

The work environment

We are a small team (fewer than 10) located primarily in Belgium (our HQ) and France.

We work mostly remotely, but meet each other regularly on team trips where we visit either our partner’s labs or other points of interest (and use this opportunity to have a lot of fun and eat a lot of nice food). While our team has multiple nationalities and speaks multiple languages, we all communicate in English. We communicate mostly asynchronously using a chat application, and to a lesser extent using videoconferencing. We have a low-bureaucracy culture - while we do have some processes, we review these on a regular basis to strip out or improve those that do not work for us.

We are an equal opportunity employer - we do not discriminate on gender, origin, religion, etc., and will make active accommodations to applicants with a disability.

We are sensitive about our ecological footprint, and where possible, we make efforts to minimize any negative impact we might have on our planet. While we can’t avoid it fully yet due to regulatory requirements, we actively try to reduce the use of animal tests in drug discovery.

Your profile

Basics: You are located in Belgium or are planning to be in Belgium during the internship. You have all the permits necessary to work in Belgium. You are a Masters student (the exact year in which you are does not matter).

Skills: You speak and write English fluently. You know how to program, preferably using Python. You have (some) experience with Data Science and Machine Learning.

Personality and interest: You believe there’s a good match between your values and ours. You see the importance of our mission. You are interested in both AI and life sciences.

Location: you are preferably based in Belgium.

The interview:

Our interview process runs in two steps:

Technical interview: you solve a simplified real-world case using a programming language you know. You get to use all the tools at your disposal (including search engines, but not including your programmer friend). We are there to help you.

Get-to-know-you interview: an interview where we get to know who you are as a person (and you get to ask all the questions you have).

We propose:

A work that matters: Your work is likely going to have a real impact on patients’ health. You’ll be helping to develop life-changing drugs and have a job that is a net positive for humanity.

Work with a team at the cutting edge of technology: Our team have pioneered some of the most advanced AI-based techniques for drug discovery. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from them and contribute to these discoveries!

Work in an environment where we trust you: By default, you’ll have a lot of flexibility and ownership. You will have the possibility to have project ownership over a complex and exciting drug discovery project. Like all our team members, you’ll work remotely, and we won’t control your every move. But we will always be here if you need us.

An environment that is fun: Life is too short to be serious all the time. You’ll get to participate in some nice team games and apero’s, as well as participate in our next team meeting abroad (think hot chocolate, old architecture and cake, or perhaps sun, tapas and straws).

Future: We’ll offer a permanent position at the end of the internship (assuming it went well!). You’ll work in a team that cares about your growth and development. We’ll mentor you and ensure you develop all the skills you need to be successful in your career.

This is a paid internship.


Please send your CV and cover letter in English at If possible, specify when you would be ready to start.

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