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Kantify’s expertise in applying AI and machine learning to biotech and pharma

How the biotech and pharma sectors are being transformed by AI

The drug discovery process is long, uncertain and costly. Kantify helps pharma and biotech companies significantly accelerate and reduce their clinical failure rate.

How Kantify helps pharma and biotech companies

Small molecule discovery

Kantify has developed ZeptoNet, a software solution based on deep learning (a subset of Machine Learning). ZeptoNet is able to predict whether or not a drug candidate shows a certain type of bioactivity (e.g. inhibition or activation) on a protein.


  • Has a high accuracy (superior to the state of the art)

  • Makes use of more than 100 bioassays (to date)

  • And can run in a very limited amount of time.

Read more in our White Paper.

Tailored projects in drug discovery and development

On top of its work on small molecule discovery, Kantify helps biotech and pharma companies with specific challenges to develop predictions and analytics that are tailored to their needs, whether it is a Proof of Concept or the development of a tailored AI model.

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