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Kantify’s expertise in applying AI and machine learning to challenges faced by industries and enterprises

When Artificial Intelligence helps citizens and customers have a better experience

As companies generate more and more data, it is not always easy to transform this data into a better service for their users. Artificial Intelligence helps translate data into efficient solutions.

How Kantify helps industries and enterprises

Kantify helps mobility and service companies translate their challenges and ambitions into reliable AI solutions.

This entails :

  • Identifing the right data sources.

  • Identifying the needs for data collection and transformation.

  • Defining the technical architecture to deploy their AI solution into production.

  • Developing and maintain data pipelines, AI models and architectures.

This way, Kantify helps its clients:

  • Spare time and resources by implementing the right choices from the very start.

  • Be ahead of their competitors by having state of the art, fast-developed and solid solutions.

  • Have commercial success by ensuring their AI-based product or service is technically fit to be operationalized, certified and commercialized.


  • Predictive analytics : Kantify develops predictive analytics solutions that identify complex patterns and perform highly accurate predictions.

  • Product recommendation : Kantify develops solutions to recommend the right service/product to the right user at the right time.

  • Anomaly detection : Kantify develops solutions to identify anomalies in tabular data or image data.

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