Life sciences and Medtech

Kantify’s expertise in applying AI and machine learning to life sciences, medtech and medical devices

How health and medtech are transformed by AI

Healthcare is one of the sectors that generates the most data. Much of this data is still underused. Artificial Intelligence is the key to transform this data into solutions that can provide better care to patients, and better tools to clinicians. From medical image analysis to signal processing, Kantify is expert in turning raw medical data into powerful insights.

The story

Our journey in this sector began in 2019, Kantify was asked to work on an unsolved AI problem: predict a pathology called Atrial Fibrillation. Rapidly, we were able to develop a solid AI model that led to our world first in predictive medicine, in partnership with the AI laboratory of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles.

How Kantify helps life sciences and medtech companies

Kantify helps healthcare and medtech companies translate their challenges and ambitions into reliable AI solutions.

This entails :

  • Identifying the right data sources.

  • Identifying the needs for data collection and transformation.

  • Defining the technical architecture to deploy their AI solution into production.

  • Developing and maintain data pipelines, AI models and architectures

  • Translating regulatory requirements (MDR, IVDR, ISO or IEC technical standards) into technical specifications enabling compliance with the applicable regulations.

In this way, Kantify helps its clients:

  • Spare time and resources by implementing the right choices from the very start.

  • Be ahead of their competitors by having state of the art, fast-developed and solid solutions.

  • Have commercial success by ensuring their AI-based product or service is technically fit to be operationalized, certified and commercialized.


  • Signal processing : Kantify develops solutions to transform signals into automated diagnosis or automated predictions based on single or multiple signals.

  • Image processing : Kantify develops solutions to automatically analyse digital images and analyse objects on these images.

  • Predictive analytics : Kantify develops predictive analytics solutions to be able to diagnose or predict pathologies.

More Information

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