AI trends in 2020: our selection

What can we expect from AI in 2020

In 2019 we witnessed an acceleration of AI in several sectors. In this post, we share with you some of the AI trends we have identified for 2020: AI in public services, regulation of AI, workforce training in AI, and Digital Twins.

What can we expect from AI in 2020

AI is reaching the Public Sector

If there is a sector where AI still has to accelerate, it is the public sector. Many signs show that it is getting there. Early experiments of Artificial Intelligence adoption around the world have already started to take place. Improved planning, targeting, and personalization could deliver improvements both in the efficiency and effectiveness of government services. In addition to education, AI can help deliver better welfare payment and immigration decisions, detect fraud, plan infrastructure projects, improve healthcare, and more. If implemented accordingly, artificial intelligence programs can make our government services faster and more tailored in 2020. Even if the potential from AI in terms of improvement of citizens' quality of life is really high, one key point will be the question of how public authorities collect and use sensitive personal data.

AI and regulation

Regulation and innovation do not always go hand in hand. If there is a field where regulators feel they have to be more active, this is AI. However, the fact that AI touches every field of the economy makes it extra hard for regulators. In 2019, the European Union has been progressing on its work for an ethical and trustworthy AI. The election of the new European Commission President Ms. Von der Leyen made it this topic even more important as she announced that the EU would be proposing a new piece of legislation in the 100 first days of the new EU Commission. Rumors now say that the EU is planning to propose a temporary ban for certain uses of facial recognition. Truth or reality? In any case, the policy context certainly makes it extra important for companies to make the right decisions. Anticipating such developments in your AI choices can simply make your investments safer. At Kantify we follow closely such policy developments as we have just been selected to join the European Commission/DIGITAL SME Focus Group on AI.

Training: Humans are getting ready for AI

With the global market for products and services related to Machine Learning is expected to expand from $1.4 billion in 2017 to $8.8 billion in 2020, more and more organizations are looking to prepare for implementation of AI-based tools.

This will be possible by developing or recruiting the skills and talents necessary to the acceleration of AI in all sectors and business functions. According to the IDC, 75% of organizations will be investing in employee retraining in order to fill skill gaps caused by the need to adopt AI by 2025. According to Forbes, this trend will increase throughout 2020. If your organization isn't investing in Artificial Intelligence tools, it may threaten the growth of its business over the upcoming years.

The rise of digital twins

As its name suggests, a digital twin is a virtual replica of an object, being, or system that can be continuously updated with data from its physical counterpart. Supported by an estimated 25 billion connected global sensors by 2021, digital twins will soon exist for millions of things. Digital twins are used to simulate events in the digital world.
A famous example is the Notre-Dame Cathedral. After the Cathedral suffered severe fire damages, engineers and architects were able to build a digital model of the french Cathedral - one far more detailed and interactive than any blueprint. This allowed them to stay true to the original structure while also incorporating new innovations in design and materials. It is expected that in the upcoming year data will increase in accuracy and availability of real-world simulations, which in return can lead to more scalable, powerful, and accurate AI.

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