Artificial Intelligence Will Change Healthcare as We Know It

Through diagnostics, robot-assisted surgeries and virtual nursing assistants AI is finding use cases within the Healthcare industry.

AI is finding its way into the healthcare sector in the US, it is projected to reach $6.6 billion in value by 2021. And the adoption of AI could save the healthcare industry $150 billion annually by 2026.

AI is known to excel at categorizing data and within the medical world, there is a lot of patient data a doctor has to go through before making a diagnosis. That creates a great promise for AI, AI can analyse medical images and patient medical records, genetics, and more to provide very precise diagnostic outcomes. Moreover, AI tools can use similar information to craft unique treatment approaches and offer recommendations to doctors.

Other use cases are :

  • real-time insights during surgeries, for example by drawing on data from previous successful surgeries of the same type
  • Virtual nursing assistants that can assist patients through voice commands
  • Administrative workflow assistance

At Kantify, we have also built a track record in implementing AI in health, which has led us to achieve a breakthrough development in the cardiologic field.

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