Can AI Nudge Us to Make Better Choices?

Human behaviours are more predictable and sometimes influenceable that we would like to admit. AI can remove this factor and help us make better choices.

Human behaviours are more predictable and sometimes influenceable that we would like to admit. 2 industries: are using this : the weight-loss and the casino industry. The $70 billion weight-loss industry thrives because diet companies know that most people regain lost weight. The $40 billion casino industry profits from gamblers’ illogical hope of a comeback.

The article draws a parallel between how some AI techniques can mimic the capabilities of people with high Emotional Quotient and influence people to take action. A person with a high Emotional Quotient (EQ) can define, for example, when to encourage someone to do something in order to get an expected reaction.

Similarly, AI can :

  • Recognize pattern breaks and nudging: for example, your bank automatically freezing your account when an unusual very large amount has been withdrawn.
  • Encourage self-awareness by benchmarking: It is easier to let someone compare their work with someone else than to blatantly tell they failed.
  • Use game theory to accept or challenge conclusions.
  • Choose the right time for insight and action.

If this made you think that some of these behavioural aspects could be applicable within your business, feel free to contact us, let’s have a chat, we have some real-life examples to present!


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