Coursera raises 103 million to prepare online learners for the fourth industrial revolution

Online learning platforms are gaining popularity, one of the most popular digital courses are introductions to AI and Machine Learning.

After we give talks at events, we frequently get the question “how do I learn the basics of AI or which platforms would you recommend taking for online courses?”. We know that everybody can learn the basics around AI and Machine Learning, even without having a mathematical background. These platforms get a lot of success because you can follow them whenever you want. More and more companies are giving such packages to employees instead of paying university fees.

This article shows that one of these platforms, Coursera, is very popular and has raised over 100 million dollars for the second time in 2 years. This time, Coursera raised money to prepare their audience on the fourth industrial revolution, a revolution that will be focused around AI, Robotics, Quantum Computing etc.

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