How to Choose your first AI project

Andrew Ng, strong AI guru learns executives how to choose their first AI project.

This article, written by Andrew Ng who is a strong AI guru and a believer of AI’s potential to fundamentally change every business, learns executives how to choose their first AI project. The most important lessons he shares it to begin small and understand how AI can work for your business. These pilots should not be about creating value, but about convincing stakeholders of the added value of AI.

When considering a pilot from AI you should ask yourself 5 questions :

Is your project specific to your industry?

Are you accelerating your pilot project with credible partners?

Is the project either too trivial or too unwieldy in size?

Does the project give you a quick win?

Is your project creating value?

These two questions are very important because you should select a pilot project that uses the strengths of your company in combination with some specific third-party skills. The most important for the stakeholders is to see how AI can give the business a competitive advantage that is worth pursuing.

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