How Warby Parker Uses AI And AR To Change Retail

Warby Parkers uses AI and AR to propose different frames that match best with the shape of your face.

Warby Parker is well known in the optical industry as being a disruptor that invests a lot in digital and new technologies.

Warby Parker uses AI and Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance customer experience. A first function they found is a combination of AI and AR, they use AI to understand the shape of your face and AR to propose different glass frames that match best with the shape of your face. Warby Parker also uses AI to have a more personalised client relationship. For example, by using personalization to target communications that are specific to each customer’s interests and where they’re at in the customer journey, Warby Parker is making it easier for customers to find what they want. s.

In these two cases, it looks that Warby Parker smartly uses AI to tackle what is a big struggle for the retail sector is : adapting to ever changing customer needs and decreasing customer loyalty. A

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