Hyperlearning in the chess world can teach business executives about AI.

This article uses the evolution of chess to show the true potential of the collaboration between human and machine.

Do you remember when media started getting interested in AI? It was a few years ago, when IBM’s Deep Blue defeated chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997. The progess of AI in mastering AI and beating humans can be used as example to illustrate and understand how AI impacts business and business decisions. One of these creations within AI is AlphaZero, it is the invention of DeepMind Technologies, an AI company owned by Alphabet. AlphaZero received as only input the rules of chess. Under 4 hours, it managed to beat the best chess computers.

According to the author this example suggests 3 possible types of human-machine interaction:

  • Augmentation: using AI to enhance existing processes
  • True human-machine collaboration: where AI is fully ‘in charge’ of some decisions or actions, and collaborates with people;
  • Hyperlearning: using AI within a virtual model to mimic real-life business applications and learn from this digital factory before implementing AI in real life

This article reflects how finding optimal collaboration between people and technology is always an important element in digital transformation.


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