Introduce enterprise AI and Robotic Process Automation in a human way

AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) create new types of career opportunities and removes routine aspect of jobs.

An increasing amount of companies are automating processes, but the paradox about this that it takes people to automate! The type of automation that AI brings, creates new types of career opportunities and removes the routine aspect of jobs.

Among employees, there is a widespread belief that AI can help in making repetitive jobs interesting and appealing again. Studies show job dissatisfaction increases as tasks become more routine and repetitive. Automation frees up resources such as time, money, effort and brainpower and these could be reinvested in people in learning other creative skills, interaction with the customer or developing your business.

Protect People, not Jobs

The article proposes 8 courses of action to introduce AI or other technology strategies in a smart and strategic way, such as protect people not jobs, seek diverse talent pools and take a collaborative approach to automation.

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