Online ads can be targeted based on your emotions

The New York Times is now able to sell ads based on the emotion the reader will most likely feel while reading an article.

Are you more sensible to an advertising depending on your state of mind? This is something that a famous newspaper, The New York Times, is actively playing on. The company has been leveraging emotions to create new sources of revenues, in two steps.

  • First, it has been using machine learning last year to predict the emotions felt by readers of various stories. They identified a list of 30 emotions that were often experienced, of which 18 are now used in a commercial context.
  • Second, they are now leveraging emotions to sell advertizing space. Meaning that advertisements can now be placed based on the emotions that can be felt by the reader of a specific article. Brands that want to reach women, for example, are buying ads on sad New York Times articles.

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