Who should be your AI project manager

We share some lessons we learned from running AI projects, on how to appoint the best person in charge of your new AI project management

Many companies considering their first applied AI project face the same question: "Who should be my internal AI project manager", i.e who should I choose to follow-up my AI project. Here are some lessons we learned from running applied AI projects, i.e. creating and enhancing AI software solutions.

Profile of your AI project manager

Not always a technical person

The person in charge of the project follow-up and the organization's internal management does not always have to be an AI expert or even a technical person. This can be someone from the business department, the IT, or the innovation/digital department.

A driver of change

Generally, this should be someone who has a horizontal view of the organization and the inclination to learn fast and to be a change driver. Your champion needs to understand the role of the AI project and its added value to your organization. In a nutshell, novelty should not be a problem, be it business novelty or technical novelty.

Someone who gets things done

Finally, like in any project, some challenges may arise along the way. Your AI project manager needs to possess a problem-solving mindset, that will help them contribute to solving challenges, like in any project.

Responsibilities of your AI project manager

Ensuring internal coordination

Good internal coordination is about establishing good working relations and circulation of information between all managers, executives, and departments that are included or concerned by the AI project. Good coordination is extremely important, as it can have a direct impact on the success of the AI project, its momentum, and the organizational buy-in. It will also help to keep the project to a reasonable time frame and to get fast results.
Therefore, getting the right people on board, ensuring everyone involved delivers on the promised data, feedback or information is of extreme importance.

Managing external coordination

Some AI projects include external stakeholders such as an AI partner and another IT supplier. Having various stakeholders demands a certain level of coordination between your organization, your AI partner, and any other IT supplier. All of you will be working together on complementary aspects of your AI project, and it is important to have clarity in your project responsibilities and group communication. Drafting and finalization of the contract, project followup, documentation, or specifications are just some aspects of the AI project that require alignment.

Having the potential to grow AI in your organization

If you start with a first AI project, chances are that you will continue with other projects in the future. You want this first project to be the opportunity for your staff in general, and your AI project manager in particular, to learn and be ready to accelerate. This person does not need to hold a senior position within your company, but simply possess some of the key attributes we indicated in the paragraph above.

Beyond this, your in-house AI project manager can also be chosen because of her/his potential to grow further Artificial Intelligence in your company.


AI projects are fascinating and, if picked up well, they can quickly deliver tremendous value to an organization. So don't forget to ensure that your AI project manager is backed by a decision-maker and has enough time to dedicate to your project.

Ready, set, go!

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