Our Methodology

Overall approach

Kantify has developed a methodology to quickly and efficiently identify the business and technology specifications required to deploy a succesful AI project.

This methodology includes:

  • Clearly defining the business objectives that are sought by our client;
  • Framing, ahead of the project launch, the specificities of the business environment in which the software should be integrated and used;
  • Defining the base-line performance that is expected from the software;

As a result, we are able to deliver precisely what is needed by our clients.


During our projects, we usually develop and test several models iteratively in order to choose the highest performing one for your business objective.

Client interaction

Whether you have many or few in-house IT resources, we adapt our interactions with your IT teams to their level of availability and their needed involvement in the project. The modalities of collaboration with your IT team is defined before the start of the project so you can prepare adequately.

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