Our Methodology

A step-by-step, tailor-made approach combining technology and business expertise

A step by step approach

Every business is different and many businesses want to use AI as a source of competitive advantage. This is why Kantify has developed a performance based methodology to quickly and efficiently identify the business drivers and technologies required to deploy a successful AI project.

Our tailor made approach delivers precisely what is needed by our clients, from the first initial reflection phase to the final deployment and embedding in your daily business processes.

Continuous Collaboration

In AI, the capacity to understand the specificity of a business is a critical factor in building a good application that perfectly embeds in your business processes. This is why we usually work hand in hand with our clients, at every step.

Business Driven Approach

Artificial Intelligence is limitless, whereas our clients have very specific problems and need very specific solutions. We build the precise solutions and models that answer to your specific problem or challenges.


Our clients want fast results, and fast ROI. We help you identify where are the low hanging fruits, where they should focus, and how to get a maximum of value with a minimum of investment and effort

A fast and agile startup

As a startup, we are fast and results oriented. Our mindset is to ensure that our clients get quick results and a quick ROI. We usually implement our projects with an agile method.

Technology expertise

Using the best technology is a source of competitive advantage for our clients. Imagine if you can predict prices of your most expensive materials with more accuracy than your competitors? Kantify’s technology expertise brings its clients a new source of competitive edge.

Adapting to every IT context

Whether you have many or few in-house IT resources, we adapt our interactions with your IT teams to their level of availability and their needed involvement in the project. This way, the size of your IT team is not a concern in the project.

Project Phases

We usually structure Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning project in three phases. Depending on your business or degree of progress on Data Science or Machine Learning, we may advise to go through each of the phase, or to focus on one of these phases.


The objective of the roadmap is to enable you to make the right choices in terms of AI. In this phase, we help you identify if and how AI can support your business objectives and challenges through a data driven analysis phase.

Proof of Concept

The objective of the Proof of Concept is to confirm that the models can be used for your business case. Usually, the machine learning models are fine tuned and a data pipeline is developed to feed the model with data. This proof of concept is implemented for a limited duration and scope to test the model’s output and performance.


The objective of this a solution deployment is to embed AI in your business process. We fully integrate the solution with your existing systems and develop additional features, such as a dashboard, for example.

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