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a month ago

The Newsletter for May 2019 is here!

As the preview below suggests, this month's newsletter is filled with numerous insights on how AI-powered solutions can significantly improve the performance of your company. We provide you with the best of both worlds: the AI concepts needed to understand how the AI solutions work, and the practical examples of how other companies successfully implemented AI.

This month you can learn all about Algorithmic Pricing and How AI can create new opportunities across your company's value chain. For a more practical view on AI, check out our curated selection of the weekly AI reads for plenty of examples and success stories from companies that implemented AI.

Find out what Kantify has been up to recently in our Spotlight section! You'll learn about our nomination for the AI Awards 2019 and get a closer look at the launch event for Women in AI Belgium.

Finally, get the latest updates on the development of our new fintech solution.

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