Kantify explains hyperpersonalized marketing on Radio La Premiere

Our CEO, Segolene, was interviewed by RTBF - La Premiere, concerning hyperpersonalized marketing.

For more and more companies, hyperpersonalized marketing has become a must. For its special series on Artificial Intelligence, Marie Van Cutsem, from radio RTBF - La Premiere, has asked our CEO Segolene Martin to explain the principles behind hyperpersonalized marketing, a field in which we have an extensive track record.

Ségolène explains (in French) how hyperpersonalized marketing works, what are its challenges, and how Kantify addresses these challenges. Ségolène explains the technique developed by Kantify, i.e the algorithmic serendipity, which helps brands to provide users with an optimal and authentic customer experience.

During the show, our client Monizze (Belgian company part of the international group Up Group) is also interviewed, giving a practical case of a recommender engine in the restaurant and financial services industry, and of a great collaborative success story.

Listen to the full episode here