Kantify joins the European Commission / Digital SME Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence

Kantify is an official member of the Group that will monitor the progress of AI technology and regulations in Europe

Together with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), European DIGITAL SME Alliance has formed a Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Kantify will be a member of this group as of March 2020.

Policy Context

The JRC, through its AI WATCH activity, is monitoring the development, uptake and impact of AI in Europe as foreseen in the EU Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence adopted in December 2018.

Role of the Group and its members

The group is composed of AI intensive companies and will monitor the adoption of AI technologies. It will give feedback about the impact of EU initiatives on the topic. We are proud to relay our experience of successful AI projects partnerships at EU level. Feel free to contact us for any question about this.