Meet us at Revenue Boulevard (26/02)

Our CEO, Segolene, will hold a presentation on the impact of AI on marketing and sales

Kantify will be presenting at Revenue Boulevard, major event about mastering the art and science of turning your sales and marketing into a revenue machine.

Our Session is called "Empowering Marketing & Sales Teams thanks to Artificial Intelligence".

Artificial Intelligence is having an increasing impact on the marketing and sales departments. Even if the perspective of an AI journey is exciting, it is also an unknown journey to many marketing and sales professionals. Many managers wonder where and how to get started, and where to focus their efforts. In her presentation, our CEO Segolene Martin will explain some of the key fields of application of AI in marketing and sales, present some practical use cases, and share some of the hands-on best practices which she has seen by developing AI roadmaps and solutions for her marketing and sales clients.

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