Watch the webinar recording on AI and cardiology in practice

Due to demand from our audience, the webinar AI in cardiology: detection and prediction of pathologies is now available for everyone

On the 9th of December 2021, Kantify hosted a webinar titled Artificial Intelligence in cardiology: detection and prediction of pathologies.

Throughout the webinar, Kantify’s experts shared their expertise and experience in developing AI applications for cardiology. The audience could hear our experts explain:

  • the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • common data formats and AI techniques used in cardiology;
  • where and how AI can enhance cardiology diagnostics;
  • how to use AI in their work and what are the benefits that AI could bring.

The webinar followed an interesting discussion powered by questions about explainability, data, IP, and more.

Due to great demand from our audience that did not manage to join us at the exact time slot, we have decided to publish the video recording and make the webinar available to everyone.


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