Zeptotarget : in silico target identification

Discover our next generation AI solution to identify novel drug targets based on the output of phenotypic screens

What is target identification

Target identification is a key step in the drug discovery and development process. The goal of a target identification effort is to identify biological targets that play a critical role in the disease. It also aims at demonstrating that modulation of the target itself can generate the desired therapeutic effect with limited or no side effects.

Why target identification is hard

A large cause of failure during the clinical validation stage is due to the use of improper targets. One way researchers circumvent having to make hypotheses about the right target is to use phenotypic assays, which are assays that test the effectiveness of compounds in an in-vitro biologically relevant model of the disease, such as induced pluripotent stem cells. Nevertheless, when compounds are found to be effective in phenotypic assays, it’s often difficult to identify through which mechanism they are being effective.

What does do? identifies both the responsible target and the mechanism of action (moa) involved in a specific disease based on the output of a phenotypic screen. relies on a novel machine learning algorithm that is able to identify and deduce what are the right targets. It helps teams with phenotypic assays to understand : What are the targets, or groups of targets, involved in a specific disease; What are the mechanisms of action through which a compound produces a particular effect.

Why is it unique? is a novel machine learning algorithm. By combining phenotypic drug screenings with Artificial Intelligence, Zepto.Target “deconvolutes” results from phenotypic drug screenings to identify likely targets and related Mechanisms of Action (MoA). This revolutionary capability is helping teams with phenotypic assays to quickly understand the targets and pathways of a disease, and accelerate in the optimization of lead compounds. As it is pre-trained on millions of examples and data points, can generate results very quickly. This makes it a unique solution in the field of target identification.

What are the benefits

The benefits of using are the following:

Keep the benefits of phenotypic screenings without the uncertainty of target identification

Decrease the limits bias of existing literature data

Considerably decrease time and cost of target identification efforts (from years to days);

Increase chances of success through the identification of the right target;

Speed up regulatory approval through the identification and the demonstration of the mechanism of action.

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