From analysis to automation: use AI to tackle your most pressing business challenges.


Technological roadmaps

Together with our client we develop technological roadmaps, where we make a data-driven analysis of how and where Machine Learning should used to bring value to our client.

In other words, we analyze what are your actual and potential sources of data, help you define what are the potential applications of Machine Learning within your company, and understand where are the most value driving applications for your business.

This service is designed for companies that are wondering where to start their data science journey, or how to focus their data science efforts among a set of potential applications.

Data Driven Analysis

Some of our clients are interested to have tailored analysis to know, for example, if their data can have a predictive value, or if they have enough data for an AI model to learn. Some other clients wish a one-off report, for instance, about what are the most expensive reasons for their clients' churn, or how to optimize their production depending on the forecasted evolution of sales, or how to optimize their spend for a certain category of goods.

Proof of Concepts

A Proof of Concept is a fast track pilot project where we develop a model or set of models for you, or use some of our existing models to check if Machine Learning can answer to your business question, given the data sources you have. The business question we answer with can be optimization problem (for instance : what is my Customer Lifetime Value), a prediction problem (can I accurately predict my demand over the next months), and so on.

At the end of the Proof of Concept, we present you with a 360° view of the performance and limitations of the models, and a recommendation on how to move further. You can decide on whether to go towards a full solution.

Development of AI powered solutions

We develop highly performing solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. These applications are software which runs with a Machine Learning model (or set of models). You can embed them in your business processes to augment your operations, sales, marketing (...) in a sustainable way.

Some examples of solutions we have developed : dynamic pricing application for a retail industry leader, personalized sales solution for a hospitality leader, price prediction application for a chemical industry leader.

These solutions are fully tailored. They respond to your specific business challenge or objective and provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors.

Interfaces to integrate our AI applications into your IT systems

APis are programmatic interfaces. We develop APIs to smoothly integrate our solutions into our client’s existing IT systems, whether it be CRM, ERP, SCM or other systems that are in use.

Databases and data pipelines

To feed our AI applications with data we develop databases and data pipelines, along with cleaning, validating and scrubbing data. We utilize both our client’s data as well as external data, to maximize the value we create.

Dashboards to interact with our AI applications

We create customized dashboards to enable our clients to easily interact with our system. Our dashboards makes our AI applications easily understandable for more business oriented employees as well as providing the needed documentation and tools for IT departments.