Advancing Drug Discovery

Kantify has built a platform to accelerate the discovery of new drugs in silico. This next generation technology called ZeptoNet enables our pharma and biotech partners to improve target identification, hit discovery, hit optimization and ADMET optimization thanks to Artificial Intelligence. The technology has shown extremely promising results in several diseases including rare diseases.

Drug discovery and drug development are among the most critical science activities contributing to better human health and wellbeing. However, the actual process has demonstrated to be exceedingly complex, expensive and time-consuming, which makes achievements such as delivering new, safe and efficient drugs to patients a rare event. Fortunately, recent AI computational advances have made the process of drug discovery and drug development more accessible, structured, and more intelligible.

In order to help advance the drug discovery process, Kantify as developed an end-to-end drug discovery pipeline. By using proprietary innovations, curated data, and a set of in-house algorithmic innovations we make most of the drug discovery in silico and therefore making the whole process better, faster, cheaper, and more individualized.

Our solution, ZeptoNet, enables : * in silico phenotypic screening for target identification * target identification and validation * in silico High Throughput Screening (vHTS) * hit to lead and lead optimization * ADMET optimization e process is becoming less time-consuming, less expensive, and more insightful.

What makes Kantify's technology unique

  • Kantify has a unique approach to the problem: by enabling the whole drug discovery pipeline to be done mostly in silico, our solution can enhance the whole drug discovery process to much faster, cheaper, and less risky operation.

  • Kantify has a unique approach to target discovery, which enables our partners to save considerable time and resources from the beginning of their research work.

  • Kantify is disease agnostic, which means we can help develop rapid and effective treatment for each and every human disease.


Kantify has managed to obtain results very rapidly in many of its projects, performing in a few days what had taken years to be researched. Some if these results will be soon published and/or announced.

We are currently partnering with pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, research and academic teams to accelerate their drug discovery process and develop innovative approaches to complex health diseases. If you are interested to learn more or have a specific project idea in mind, leave us a message!

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