Laboratory Automation

Solutions to accelerate and improve the analysis of images, sequences, documents, samples and other kinds of clinical data. Our technologies enable laboratory operators and analysts to easily process large amounts of data, and immediately extract insights or detect patterns.

The health sector is the sector generating the most important volume of data. This data is a trove if it can be properly analysed and used.

Many healthcare or clinical organizations need proper tools and solutions to help them:

  • store their data
  • automate data collection
  • automate data analysis and laboratory automation.

As a CRO, Kantify develops Artificial Intelligence solutions to automate data analysis in laboratory work.

Through Artificial Intelligence, Kantify helps organizations :

  • spare resources in repetitive tasks, and focus their resources on patient oriented, value driving work.
  • advance research and development by leveraging AI in a way that complements researchers and medical professionals by helping them make sense of complex and detailed biomedical data in a faster, cheaper, and user-friendly manner.

We develop solutions based on images, videos, tabular data, (...). We implement very strong security standards and protocols in our solutions.

Kantify has experience in automating lab work in several areas including hematology and histopathology.

Artificial intelligence in life sciences is a fascinating field with a lot of untapped potential. If you are curious to discover more of how your research or organization can benefit from AI, leave us a message!.

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