Zeptomics: drug discovery powered by Artificial Intelligence

AI powered In silico drug discovery for small molecules and Targeted Protein Degraders

Zeptomics, the novel small molecule and protein degrader discovery pipeline developed by Kantify, stems from the ambition to help find novel therapies for diseases that lack adequate therapeutic solutions.

Zeptomics relies on a suite of 4 applications powered by a novel set of machine learning models.

Applications of Zeptomics

Here are the four applications that power Zeptomics :

  • identifies novel drug targets for a specific disease.
  • zepto.hit: identifies hits and off-target effects, across millions of compounds.
  • zepto.ward: predicts the ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity) properties of drug candidates, across 80 endpoints, without prior data requirements.
  • zepto.cure: identifies indications (disease) for drug candidates or repurposed drugs.

The challenges solved by Zeptomics

Zeptomics enables drug discovery teams to accelerate in their drug discovery projects, find hidden properties, and overall de-risk their drug development project.

Our partners are usually facing one or several challenges:

  • Find compounds that are safe, effective and synthesizable

  • Uncover the mechanism of action of a compound

  • Maximize the value of libraries

  • Identify unknown targets for a given disease

  • Find therapeutic indications for new molecular entities or repurposed drugs

Novelty of Zeptomics

As a platform, Zeptomics innovates in the following ways:

Disease agnostic: Zeptomics can be used to find treatments for monogenic or multifactorial diseases, rare or not rare.

On- and off-target: the capacity of Zeptomics to find both the on-target and the off-target effects make it a unique tool to reduce risks that could occur along the pre-clinical and clinical pipelines.

Ready to use: While Zeptomics can leverage data that drug researchers have generated through their trials, it doesn't need to: Zeptomics has already seen millions of data points and shows unparalleled predictive performance on both known and novel compounds and targets.

Not just small molecules: Zeptomics can be used to find both small molecule drugs and to create novel and specific protein degraders working for example through proteolysis (PROTACS) and autophagy (AUTACS).


Zeptomics is currently being used by a growing number of drug discovery teams.

Here is what our partner Xavier Nissan, Team Leader at I-Stem, The French Institute for Stem cell Therapy and Exploration of Monogenic diseases (CECS), says about Zeptomics.

In a few days, Zeptomics enabled us to find both novel targets and repurposable drugs using this target for one or our rare diseases. These results are really exciting and we are now working on new uses of Zeptomics.

Where is Zeptomics used?

In each step of the drug discovery pipeline, Zeptomics enables its users to accelerate their discovery process and maximize the potential of their findings.

How does Zeptomics operate?

Zeptomics is a proprietary technology operated by Kantify. Each drug discovery project is structured as follows:

  • Project is is scoped together with our partner;
  • Data is collected (if needed);
  • The Kantify team operates Zeptomics;
  • Usually within a few days after project start, the first results can already be delivered;
  • Partner or Kantify oversees the validation of results in the lab.

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