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Discover our next generation AI solution for discovery of indications for repositioned or repurposed drugs

What is indication discovery

Whether it is for new molecules, failed drugs, and commercialized drugs, the discovery of new therapeutic indications is never an easy exercise.

A common problem of the drug discovery process happens when a promising drug candidate fails to prove efficacy for a certain disease during the preclinical or clinical phase. This is an expensive problem: usually, pharma and biotechs will have spent more than 2 million euros in case of failure of effectiveness at preclinical stage, and more than 10 million euros in case of phase 2 efficacy failure.

Why indication discovery is hard

Discovery of new indications for a drug is often an expensive and imprecise task. The in vitro evaluation of a drug on biological models of a new disease is often prohibitively expensive and time consuming to do at scale. In silico methods usually require the repositioned or repurposed drugs to already have a starting indication, and these methods often find indications that are similar to the starting indications, which severely limits the use of these techniques.

Identify indications in silico

Zepto.cure solves this challenge by identifying, in silico, the possible indications for any compound, even if it does not have a prior indication and ahead of any costly development, resulting in reduced risk and more effective drug development. The applications of Zepto.cure are the following :

Drug repurposing: predict possible indications for existing drugs.

Drug repositioning: research new indications for failed therapies.

Clinical and pre-clinical trial design: support of both pre-clinical and clinical trial designs so several conditions are simultaneously explored.

PROTAC research: Zepto.cure can be used to quickly predict indications for PROTACs.

How is the technology novel?

Zepto.cure has the capacity to accurately predict the indications of both small molecule drugs and PROTACs, and of New Molecular Entities (NMEs) and of repurposable drugs, in silico. Thanks to several novel machine learning techniques, Zepto.indication is able to identify indications beyond similar diseases or similar compounds, making it a unique solution for indication discovery.

This opens up the door, early on in drug discovery projects, to decide which compounds have the most potential, by choosing those with the most promising indications.

What are the benefits

There are several benefits of using Zepto.cure :

Speed up time to market by quickly finding new indications;

Increase value of drug candidates through new indications;

Generate new IP when new indications are found;

Decrease risks and costs by preventing risk of failure early on.

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