Our Technologies

All of our machine learning and data processing happens through Python - a well designed and modern programming language that allows us to do both data processing and machine learning, and used both by industry giants such as Google, Facebook, AirBnB, etc.

For most of our clients, we will create a dashboard that allows them to visually interact with the machine learning applications. Furthermore, we often create API's: software that allows our clients to programatically access the machine learning applications we build for them through their ERP, CRM, website or other tool they use. We create all of our dashboards using D3js and Vuejs.

Behind the scenes, we use Airflow, a library that was open-sourced by AirBnB, and is currently being incubated by the Apache Software Foundation, to pre-process our data. Today, it's used by many large companies to manage their data, such as Blablacar, ING, Lyft, Spotify, Vente-Exclusive, and many more.