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Discover some of our expertise in AI solution development for digital health and lab automation

Kantify's digital health team is helping develop and improve patient care by developing cutting-edge AI-based solutions to improve diagnostics for various human pathologies.

These solutions provide clinicians and medical professionals with enhanced real-time analysis of patient signal data, tissue, and microscopic images with high accuracy. By matching decisions made by specialized medical practitioners, our software solutions ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Core expertise

Our AI-based approach leverages computational techniques to accurately and instantly diagnose a range of diseases, including cancer. As most of our partners work on novel use-cases, our work is most of the time state-of-the-art. Using our AI models helps reduce clinicians' fatigue and workload involved in analyzing various patient samples, leading to improved collaboration and workflow in localized specialists and laboratories.

A world-first in AI for cardiology

In 2019, Kantify performed a world first with the Brussels Free University (ULB) as we were the first team to predict an episode of Atrial Fibrillation at patient level.

Areas of focus

Our solutions are designed for scalability, making them extendable to a wide variety of use cases. We have experience in developing Ai models to diagnose and/or predict various diseases, from different types of cancer to predicting arrhythmia in patients suffering from heart diseases. With our innovative Machine Learning approaches, our solutions can generalize and reach high performance using heterogeneous data sources and low amounts of data.

Therapeutic expertise

Kantify's experience, from an applied AI point of view, lies in several areas, including oncology, gynecology, andrology, ophthalmology, and cardiology. Our solutions have become a formidable tool to help detect and diagnose diseases, making AI a crucial element of modern digital health.

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