Use Cases

In silico target identification & rare diseases: case study
Discover how Kantify and I-Stem have combine artificial intelligence and phenotypic assays to perform unbiased target identification in a short timeframe
AI in drug discovery: ADMET property prediction
Discover how artificial intelligence can help you select lead compounds that are both to be effective and do not have adverse effects on patients
Diagnosing Endometrial Diseases from Tissue Images using AI
Discover how Artificial Intelligence can help diagnose endometrial diseases from tissue images
Analyzing human fertility using Artificial Intelligence
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for male fertility diagnostic
Advancing Drug Discovery with Artificial Intelligence
Discover how to enhance your drug discovery pipeline using our novel Artificial Intelligence technology
Using AI for blood cell analysis and hematology
Detect, count, and classify individual blood cells with Artificial Intelligence
Predicting Atrial Fibrillation with AI
Predict and detect an episode of Atrial Fibrillation (arrhythmia) with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Early detection of ocular pathologies with AI
Detect early signs of diabetic retinopathy in patients with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Embedding artificial intelligence into Medical Devices
Power precision medicine and expand the capabilities of your medical devices with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Surgery Optimization with AI
Minimize the risk of potential surgery complications and improve patients surgical outcomes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Anomaly Detection with AI
Spot and prevent abnormal and costly events in business and operational processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)