Use Cases

Delay and Demand Prediction

Discover the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve customer experience with delay and demand prediction


Together with a large transport operator, we led a successful project aiming at forecasting demand and delays in transport.

Our models are used by our client to :

  • Predict precisely forecast delays and customer influx;
  • Inform internal and external users of these predictions.


These solutions help our clients in the following ways:

  • Demand forecasting: Forecast with a high level of granularity how demand and delays will evolve, even in a tough time such as the current unforeseen crisis;

  • Customer journey improvement: Ensure customers benefit from these insights by having the information about upcoming delays, or upcoming peak hours.

  • Business continuity:Provide an optimal service thanks to accurate predictions, by having the capacity to make predictions based on several parameters that operators are unable to analyse in real time.


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