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Logo Detection

Logo detection using AI

Why AI for logo detection

As humans, we have learned to analyze and understand pictures, drawings or photos. Thanks to Deep Learning, the capabilities of AI in analyzing and understanding what is on an image have been multiplied. This particular field of using AI to analyze images is called Computer Vision. Kantify has developed a computer vision technology that can automatically detect logos in pictures or videos, even if they are blurred or very small. The solution is optimized for magazines and social media photos.

Business Benefits

As a brand, it is really hard to monitor where and when your logo appears or is misappropriated. Our logo detection solution can help brands in the following ways :

Have an accurate, real time view of their presence in media

Nowadays, visuals are a growing element in building brands online and offline. Knowing where and when brands appear (or don't appear) are essential insights for marketing strategies.

Have an accurate view of their audience

Being seen by your audience is a must. This is why, knowing who is speaking about you and at which frequency your brand appears, is important.

Compare themselves with their competitors

As a brand, there are high probabilities that you are not alone on your market. Therefore, comparing your visibility to the visibility of your competitors helps you to know where you can improve.

Know the ROI of their marketing and branding campaigns

For marketeers, demonstrating the ROI of campaigns is a necessity. Beyond sales, knowing how much visibility you have is something that also brings value to your brand and your company.

If you have a project in mind, or wish to better understand our capabilities in that field, just get in touch so we can have a first chat.


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