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Spend Analysis

Analyzing company spend through machine learning

What is Spend Analytics

Spend Analysis is the process of collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing expenditure data with the purpose of decreasing procurement costs and improving efficiency.

Why AI for Spend Analytics

Use the right data

Procurement and Audit managers need precise, granular data in order to identify possible optimizations. Making sense of varied, unstructured sources of data is very difficult. With its document parsing solution, Kantify helps procurement managers and chief financial officers analyse multiple sources of information, classify products, and rapidly identify possible optimization.

Focus your time on delivering value

Analyzing spend data takes time and efforts. By using AI for spend analytics, you can focus your efforts on what brings value to your company's finances : the identification and implementation of financial optimization.

Predict your budget and adapt your prices

What if you could use past spend data to predict your future costs and adapt your prices accordingly? By using your spend data, you can identify price evolution trends and make business decisions accordingly.

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