Origin and vision

The origin of our commitment to accelerate drug discovery dates back to 2017, when our CTO Nik got diagnosed with a rare form of cancer with no other available therapy than surgery. As a team working on advanced applied AI, we realized that we had the power to help find cures with technology. This belief has only been reinforced since then.

Our vision is that in 10 years time, AI will play a central role in drug discovery. We are taking a part in building this future.

Zeptomics was officially born in 2022, and is designed to help find cures where they are missing. While Zeptomics works on all therapeutic targets which we have worked on until now, we focus on indications which are close to our hearts and lives: oncology, neuromuscular disorders and rare diseases. We focus on small molecules and targeted protein degraders, a novel type of therapeutic modality.


Our team is composed of highly talented individuals with a deep expertise in applied Artificial Intelligence and computational biology. Our HQ is located in Belgium, a country with top-notch pharmaceutical industries.

We are driven by our mission and purpose to improve human health by pushing further the frontiers of science. Also, by using Artificial Intelligence to make millions of calculations before doing lab testing, we are also improving the environmental footprint of drug discovery.

Our values are excellence, diversity, curiosity and kindness.
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CEO, Segolene Martin

Segolene is the CEO and co-founder of Kantify. In addition to her role at Kantify, Segolene serves on the Global Partnership on AI, is a board member at the Brussels Lifetech Cluster, and was until 2021 the Belgian Ambassador of Women in AI.

Segolene was nominated 'Young ICT Lady of Belgium', 'AI Personality of the Year' in 2019, and was a winner of the InspiringFifty contest for women in tech. She also received the Business Trophy from Cercle Montaigne. Segolene has a Master's in Public Affairs and an MBA, both earned cum laude. Before founding Kantify, she worked in innovation, regulation, and public affairs, holding various management positions.
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CTO, Nik Subramanian

Nik is the CTO and co-founder of Kantify. He has a wealth of experience in developing AI models and solutions in the field of digital health and drug discovery. Additionally, Nik has extensive knowledge in both Chemistry and Biology, having developed key algorithms for drug development at Kantify.

Nik has an Executive Master's in Finance (cum laude), a postgraduate degree in Management, and a Master's in Political and Social Sciences (magna cum laude). Before founding Kantify, he served as the director of operations for a large B2B group, managing over 1000 people and a revenue of over €300 million.
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Team Lead, Nicolas Maignan

Nicolas Maignan is the Team Lead of the Machine Learning Team at Kantify. Nicolas has a deep expertise of AI model research, development and deployment using a variety of data sources for different uses cases across digital health and drug discovery.

Nicolas joined Kantify at its inception and has since then been a key leader and contributor into shaping the technology and projects of the company. Nicolas holds a Masters in Engineering.
© Jean-Yves Seguy

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