About Kantify

Kantify is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology company specialized in life sciences. We build AI software solutions to enhance the discovery of novel therapeutics, improve pathology detection, and enable personalized medicines. Our core expertise is Machine Learning: a branch of Artificial Intelligence that uses data to train mathematical algorithms to perform complex tasks, such as predictions, pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and many, many more.

Our journey in life sciences started in early 2018, where we had a world-first in real-time prediction of Atrial Fibrillation episodes based solely on a patient's signal data. Ever since then, we have been developing AI to help solve complex human-health problems related to early drug discovery, detection and prediction of complex pathologies, automating and empowering laboratory analysis, and many more.

Our mission is to use machine learning to improve human health. To do so, we are committed to supporting life science research and innovation through state-of-the-art AI technologies. We are excited to be a part of the life science ecosystem and continuously work to improve patient’s health through commercial, academic, and scientific collaborations.

Our team is multifaceted:

  • We are machine learning engineers - we train machine learning algorithms to solve difficult problems using pragmatic approaches.
  • We are data engineers - we build strong data pipelines and structured databases to power AI analysis.
  • We are software developers - we are experts in software security, and write codes that are scalable, reliable and durable.
  • We are data scientists: we wrangle, cure and analyze datasets to convert raw, unstructured data into valuable insights.
  • We are analysts: we engage into complex and interdisciplinary challenges, developing actionable steps and scoping the business and IT requirements alongside our partners.
  • We are experts in life sciences: we have a proven track record of developing and embedding AI software technologies across different organizations.

While our headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, our team is fully remote and is located throughout Europe.

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By joining cutting-edge AI technology, data analysis, and experts’ insights, we can help in detecting and curing some of the most troubling diseases in today's world. If you share our mission and want to learn more send us a message !

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