Mon 10 Jan 2022
Kantify as a speaker on Life-on-Chip 2022
Join us at the Life-on-Chip conference where Kantify will speak about how artificial intelligence is used to accelerate diagnostics and drug discovery
Tue 23 Nov 2021
Kantify will host a webinar on AI and cardiology in practice
As a part of the webinar series on AI & Health, Kantify will host its next webinar titled AI in cardiology: detection and prediction of pathologies
Wed 17 Nov 2021
Meet us at Science for Health 2021
Kantify as an exhibitor on this year’s Science for Health event lead by
Wed 27 Oct 2021
Kantify joins
Kantify joins FlandersBio, the Belgian life science cluster organization dedicated to life sciences
Thu 30 Sep 2021
European Biotech Week: webinar on AI for Drug Discovery
Kantify hosted its first webinar titled Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery and Development, as a part of the European Biotechnology Week 2021
Wed 01 Sep 2021
Kantify at the European Biotech Week: AI for Drug Discovery
Kantify is hosting a virtual event during European Biotech Week titled: Artificial Intelligence in drug discovery and development
Tue 24 Aug 2021
Kantify announces new upgrades on ZeptoNet
Kantify announces new upgrades on ZeptoNet - its AI technology for drug discovery
Thu 22 Jul 2021
Kantify joins the European Biotechnology Network
Kantify has joined the European Biotechnology Network dedicated to biotechnology and life sciences
Mon 10 May 2021
Kantify joins Data-driven Advanced Therapeutics Accelerator
Kantify joins Data-driven Advanced Therapeutics Accelerator managed by Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst
Wed 14 Apr 2021
The CEO of Kantify interviews with DataNews
The CEO of Kantify speaks about her journey in AI and the potential of AI in the healthcare industry
Fri 26 Mar 2021
Is your AI software a medical device as per the MDR & IVDR?
The European Commission publishes decision steps for the qualification of softwares medical devices.
Wed 24 Mar 2021
European Commission Report on AI Uptake in Healthcare
The European Commission publishes a report to monitor the development, uptake and impact of Artificial Intelligence for healthcare.