Tue 02 Apr 2024
Kantify reveals promising results in sarcoma at ESMO
Kantify Unveiled Promising Results in Liposarcoma Drug Discovery thanks to AI at ESMO Sarcoma and Rare Cancer Congress 2024
Tue 19 Mar 2024
Nicolas Maignan appointed Chief Operating Officer of Kantify
Announcement: Nicolas Maignan is officially appointed COO of Kantify
Thu 14 Mar 2024
AI for Healthcare panel at the General Assembly
Kantify was invited at the special panel on AI for Healthcare
Mon 11 Mar 2024
Poster at ESMO : AI for target and drug discovery in sarcoma
Kantify will share its latest results on rapid identification of novel targets and polypharmacological compounds for liposarcoma treatment, thanks to AI
Mon 11 Dec 2023
Kantify at Belgium's Biopharmaceutical Excellence Conference
Kantify shared some of its groundbreaking work at the Conference on the Belgian biopharmaceutical sector organized by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thu 07 Dec 2023
Appointment of Dr Eckhard von Keutz as Scientific Advisor
Kantify appoints Dr von Keutz, former Vice-President at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, as Scientific Advisor
Wed 29 Nov 2023
Kantify will use its AI platform to tackle 5 rare diseases
Kantify is selected by the European Commission to perform an unprecedented research project on rare diseases and AI
Thu 05 Oct 2023
Kantify speaking at Slush'D Leuven
Kantify will be speaking in the panel on "AI: redefining business or enhancing roles"
Tue 19 Sep 2023
TV debate on the impact of AI on human thought
Kantify was invited to discuss about AI's impact on human thought
Thu 24 Aug 2023
Kantify speaking at the 6th TPD Summit in Boston
Join Kantify's Session at the 6th TPD Summit: Unveiling the Power of AI in Protein Degradation
Thu 15 Jun 2023
Presentation at Cafes de L'Innovation
Kantify is invited to present its work on AI for target identification and small molecule prediction at Institut Bordet
Mon 12 Jun 2023
Event: How AI is changing the game in drug discovery
Kantify is presenting its work on AI based drug discovery at an event where Insilico Medicine, Microsoft, and others will also be present