Belgian AI Strategy: Kantify joins State Secretary

State Secretary Mathieu Michel invited us to illustrate the power of AI in Health at UCB for the launch event of the Belgian AI plan
Thu 27 Oct 2022

On 27/10, the Belgian State Secretary for Digitalization Mathieu Michel invited Kantify, together with pharma company UCB, to the press event where he will present the Belgian AI strategy for Artificial Intelligence to Belgian media.

State Secretary Michel unveiled the new AI strategy for Belgium, whereas Kantify and UCB presented what they do in the field of AI. Our CEO Segolene Martin explained how AI is at the center of our startup and how it enables us, together with our partners, to develop new therapies in the field of biotechnology and healthcare.

Kantify is developing Zeptomics, a groundbreaking AI platform for drug discovery. Our mission is to Improve Human Health with Artificial Intelligence. It is therefore a honor for us to share our results and illustrate to a wider audience how Artificial Intelligence has the potential to improve human health with Artificial Intelligence.