TV debate on the impact of AI on human thought

Kantify was invited to discuss about AI's impact on human thought
Tue 19 Sep 2023

On 18 September 2023, Kantify had the privilege of participating in a televised debate on Belgian national TV, focusing on the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its profound implications. The Talk-Show was led by Julie Morelle with journalists Helene Maquet and Himad Messoudi.

Our CEO and co-founder, Ségolène Martin, represented Kantify and presented how AI benefits to drug discovery and patient health, shedding light on crucial issues surrounding AI, including algorithmic bias.

The debate featured a distinguished panel of experts from various domains, each offering a unique perspective on AI's evolving landscape:

🔹 Luc De Brabandere: Corporate philosopher and author of "Petite philosophie des Algorithmes sournois" (published by Eyrolles), delving into the philosophical aspects of algorithms.

🔹 Nathanaël Ackerman: Head of AI, Blockchain, and Digital Minds at SPF BOSA, and AI4Belgium lead, providing insights into AI's governmental applications.

🔹 Antonin Descampe: Civil engineer and media innovation professor at UCLouvain, discussing AI's role in media innovation.

🔹 Nathalie Smuha: Professor at KU Leuven's Faculty of Law and researcher in technology law and ethics at New York University, addressing legal and ethical dimensions of AI.

🔹 Raphaël Doan: Auteur of "Si Rome n’avait pas chuté" (published by Passés composés), written in part with the assistance of AI, sharing experiences of using AI in creative endeavors.

Our participation in this televised debate underscores Kantify's commitment to advancing the dialogue on AI's positive potential and ethical considerations. Ségolène Martin explained specifically how AI is revolutionizing drug discovery, enabling faster and more effective treatments for patients and provided some examples in oncology and rare diseases.

Watch the replay online!