Join us at the Webinar on AI for SMEs

A webinar to discuss how SMEs can leverage Artificial Intelligence

On 30 April, our CEO Segolene Martin is participating in a webinar on how SMEs can benefit from AI, and what are the bottlenecks.

This webinar will also gather Massimo Craglia, lead scientist at the Digital Economy Unit of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, and Toni Luhti, CEO of Platform of Trust. It is moderated by the Secretary-General of European Digital SME Alliance, Sebastiano Toffaletti.

The potential for SMEs is enormous: Artificial Intelligence (AI) can act as a decisive enabler for other technologies in various fields. Some compare the potential impact of AI to that of the spread of electricity at the end of the 19th century. Electricity had an enabling effect on existing machinery and processes, which led to further innovation. Similarly, AI may be able to transform a variety of processes in different sectors. At the same time, Europe is struggling to follow the US and China in bringing about AI-based innovation.

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