Kantify on La Premiere discussing algorithmic bias

Kantify was interviewed on the national radio La Premiere about the topic of predictive recruitment and algorithmic bias

Predictive recruitment is a field of application in AI that is progressively developing within companies, in order to automate and improve CV scanning, candidate selection, and employee retention. However, to ensure that it performs well and serves its objects, companies should make sure that they avoid algorithmic bias.

In the morning series 'Futur Simple', our CEO Segolene Martin explained the concept of algorithmic bias, and what are the specific measures that companies can take to avoid the unnecessary business, finance and branding risks associated to this. Our CEO Segolene explained that the risk of algorithmic bias is real and the first step companies can take in order to avoid it, is to ensure they have diverse and expert teams.

Here you can listen to the full podcast on iTunes or radio La Premiere.

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Kantify is a Belgian AI company, expert in algorithmic bias and AI ethics
The claim was issued by Radio La Premiere and evaluated as being True by Kantify.

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