Meet us at Medfit 2020

Our CEO is invited as a speaker at Medfit 2020
Thu 05 Nov 2020

Medfit is a European partnering event for innovation partnerships and investment rounds in the MedTech, diagnostic and digital health sectors. It offers an opportunity for industry players to connect with innovative start-ups, SMEs, and public research institutions.

The panel will focus its discussion on innovation-focused topics, in order to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that matter. Over 65 international experts will discuss the current stakes of the sector related to innovation, financing, market access, and regulation.

As more and more medical devices companies are collecting data from patients, it is becoming extremely important to understand the substantial potential to gain actionable insights and outcomes which can preserve and improve patient’s health.

Our CEO Segolene Martin will be sharing her expertise on how to leverage the data generated by medical devices: Which perspectives to fuel innovation in MedTech?

We present the other speakers:

  • Jim Pierrepont, Chief Innovation Officer, Corin Group (UK)

  • Andrew Fried, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Industry Leader, IBM Europe (UK)

  • Karen Taylor, Research Director, Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte (UK)

The digital event will take place from the 7th-10th of December 2020.

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