Our CEO receives the Montaigne Trophy

Our CEO Segolene Martin was awarded the Trophy Montaigne for the category 'Enterprise'

Trophees Montaigne 2020 : Our CEO wins the Trophee 'Enterprise'

Brussels, 12 December 2019

Our CEO Segolene Martin was awarded the prestigious Trophy Montaigne for the category 'Enterprise', during an official ceremony on 6 December 2019.

The Trophees Montaigne are an emanation of the Cercle Montaigne. The Cercle Montaigne was created in Belgium in 2012 by Stephane Baudry. It is a confidential network gathering the key french C-level decision-makers.

The Jury, which constituted of top decision-makers in large companies, recognized the work accomplished by Segolene and the Kantify team.

"I am grateful and proud of the recognition of our excellence and vision. I would like to share this prize with our partners, customers, and friends" said Segolene. "I share the values of respect and kindness of the Cercle Montaigne, which makes me even more proud of this Trophy".

The other laureates are: - Charlene Crespel, CEO Be-Central, in the category "Digital Innovation" - Manou Milon, Founder Brussels Ma Belle, in the category "Culture" - Norbert Hardy, President of l'Accueil des francais de Gand, in the category "Association"

About Segolene

Segolene Martin is the CEO of Kantify, a Belgian company specialized in developing applied Artificial Intelligence solutions (machine learning). Its mission is to help its clients successfully navigate in AI.
Kantify has been recognized several times for the excellence of its works and results, for example in the field of predictive analytics and the analysis of unstructured documents. The company recently announced a world premiere in the field of health, in partnership with the Brussels Free University. Segolene holds a Masters in Public Policy and an MBA. Before founding Kantify, Segolene worked in the innovation, regulation, and public affairs sector. She had several managing positions in the public and private sectors.

Trophees Montaigne 2020 : Notre CEO gagne le Trophee 'Enterprise'

Bruxelles, 12 Décembre 2019

Notre CEO Ségolène Martin a reçu le prestigieux Trophée Montaigne pour la catégorie Entreprises, lors d'une cérémonie officielle le 6 décembre 2019.

The Trophées Montaigne sont une émanation du Cercle Montaigne. Le Cercle Montaigne a été créé en Belgique en 2012 par Stéphane Baudry. C'est un réseau confidentiel réunissant les principaux dirigeants français (c-level).

Le Jury, qui rassemblait des dirigeants de grandes entreprises, a reconnu l'ensemble du travail accompli par Ségolène et l'équipe Kantify.

Je suis reconnaissante et fière de cette marque de reconnaissance de notre excellence et vision. Je voudrais partager ce prix avec nos partenaires, clients et amis, a déclaré Ségolène. Je partage les valeurs de respect et bienveillance du Cercle Montaigne, ce qui me rend encore plus fière de ce Trophée

Les autres lauréats sont :

  • Charlene Crespel, CEO Be-Central, dans la Catégorie Innovation Digitale;
  • Manou Milon, Fondateur Bruxelles Ma Belle, dans la Catégorie Culture;
  • Norbert Hardy, Président de l'Accueil des Français de Gand, dans la Catégorie Association.

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