Segolene Martin

CEO and founding partner at Kantify

Ségolène is the CEO and cofounder of Kantify. As CEO, she is responsible for driving the strategy and development of the company and managing the relationships with our clients and partners. Ségolène likes to spread her passion for AI and regularly delivers trainings and keynote speeches on that topic (check our news section to know what is her next event).

Ségolène is also a Board member at the Brussels Software Cluster, representing AI companies, and a Board member of French Tech Belgium. Segolene was nominated ‘Young ICT Lady of Belgium’ in 2017, and ‘AI personality of the year’ in 2019. Ségolène has just received the Business Trophy from the prestigious Cercle Montaigne. Ségolène is the Belgian Ambassador of Women in AI, an international association federating women active in AI at industry, research, policy or education level. Since February 2020, Ségolène has become a Board Member of Becode, a Belgian coding school that trains unemployed people in IT and thereby helps companies find IT talents in a context of shortage of talents.

Ségolène holds a Masters in European Policy (cum laude) and an MBA (cum laude). Before founding Kantify, Ségolène worked in the innovation, regulatory and public affairs sector. She has held various management positions in the public and private sectors.

Kantify has received numerous awards for the excellence of its work and results, particularly in the area of prediction and analysis of unstructured documents. The company recently announced a world first in AI applied to Health, in partnership with the Free University of Brussels.


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