Fri 06 Mar 2020
Difference between Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
We help in understanding the difference between DS, ML and AI and when to use each of them
Mon 03 Feb 2020
AI trends in 2020: our selection
What can we expect from AI in 2020
Thu 16 Jan 2020
How to start with AI?
We explain some clear steps to undertake before starting an AI project
Fri 03 Jan 2020
Data sources that can be used in Artificial Intelligence
We explain the different types of data and data sources companies can leverage to implement Artificial Intelligence and improve the decision making process
Fri 15 Nov 2019
AI Applications in Pharma and Biotech
Over the last years, the use of Artificial Intelligence in pharma and biotech industry is redefining how scientists develop new drugs, tackle disease and more
Tue 05 Nov 2019
What is a Proof of Concept (and how to make the most of it)?
We explain what is a Proof of Concept, and how can it be leveraged in order to minimize risk and maximize ROI
Sat 19 Oct 2019
What is Explainable AI?
Algorithms are making more decisions for us. Should we care about understanding how they come to their conclusions?
Wed 16 Oct 2019
5 ways AI is reshaping businesses
Lately, AI has opened a lot of opportunities for businesses. We explain 5 areas in which AI is reshaping businesses today
Mon 08 Jul 2019
Why companies increasingly use AI for their forecasts
One of our experts explains how AI changes the forecasting scene, comparing traditional methods to AI methods
Thu 25 Apr 2019
What you should know before your first AI project
A guideline of the most important aspects executives need to think about before implementing AI
Sun 14 Apr 2019
4 ways AI creates opportunities in companies
There is no single way in which AI brings value, which can make it hard for companies to choose how they will implement AI
Sun 20 Jan 2019
Identifying and tackling the challenges of Machine Learning
One of our experts explains you how to identify and tackle common challenges within Machine Learning