Unveiling Zeptomics, Kantify’s AI drug discovery technology

Discover the new AI technology that accelerates small molecule and targeted protein degradation discovery
Tue 22 Mar 2022

Many diseases still don’t have a cure. Today, we're happy to announce the launch of Zeptomics, Kantify's next generation AI platform to accelerate the discovery of novel therapies and help cure the incurable.

The Story of Zeptomics

Zeptomics, the next generation drug discovery solution of Kantify, was born when one of our co-founders faced a rare and serious disease with very limited therapeutic solutions.

Kantify's team decided to use its expertise in Artificial Intelligence to develop a novel technology to tackle some of the unmet challenges of drug discovery. In 2021, we were selected by Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst for its DATA acceleration programme.

Today, we are proud to unveil Zeptomics.

Accelerating and De-risking Drug Discovery

Zeptomics is Kantify's next generation AI-powered drug discovery solution.

Its goal is to accelerate and de-risk the development of small molecules and targeted protein degraders.

A Unique and Powerful Next Generation Technology

Zeptomics concentrates a number of AI innovations which makes it a unique and powerful technology.


  • covers the entire drug discovery pipeline, from target identification, hit discovery, advanced ADMET prediction and indication discovery.

  • is disease agnostic as it is already used in a variety of therapeutic areas, from neuromuscular diseases to oncology.

  • can generate results very quickly, even for compounds or proteins that are not known, which makes it a useful tool for rare diseases therapy discovery or even to identify off target effects of compounds.

  • accelerates the discovery of novel therapies in small molecule and targeted protein degraders.

  • relies on a unique and extensive database containing millions of datapoints.

Zeptomics capabilities

Zeptomics helps drug discovery teams faced to the following challenges:

  • Find novel and selective ligands that are likely safe and effective, across millions of compounds;

  • Find out which compounds of a proprietary library are most valuable and how to use them;

  • Know which existing drugs can be repurposed or repositioned.

To learn more about Zeptomics, visit our solutions and register to our upcoming webinar where we will provide a 360° overview of Zeptomics!